Meet the team

We know that the strength in our business comes from our people. At Nugenis, we have three teams working together to deliver an excellent standard of service to our clients.

Meet the team
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Financial Planners

Our Planners are the people you are most likely to meet. They are the visible ‘face’ of the firm, and lead the relationship between our clients and the firm. All of our Financial Planners are well qualified, and maintain their technical and planning knowledge through various internal and external sources. Our regulator requires anyone authorised to advise clients to undertake 35 hours of technical training per annum, but our team goes further than this.


Our Paraplanning (PP) team help our Financial Planners analyse our clients’ financial position, research potential solutions, and then prepare the recommendations that help explain what we recommend. This technically demanding role also requires our team to have a practical approach in analysing situations before the finding solutions that suit the individual.

Client Relations

Our Client Relations team are the ones you are most likely to speak to if you call us. The team deal with all of our administration, both before and after you meet your Financial Planner. From preparing valuations and other documentation before meetings, to dealing with applications and all of the product providers, the team is the engine room of the firm.

Adam Fox Adam Fox

Adam Fox

Operations Director

Maria Hopkins Maria Hopkins

Maria Hopkins

Client Relationship Manager

Leanne Watkins Leanne Watkins

Leanne Watkins

Paraplanning Manager

Anabelle Harrington Anabelle Harrington

Anabelle Harrington

Executive Assistant

Deborah Watkins Deborah Watkins

Deborah Watkins


Lee Browning Lee Browning

Lee Browning


Laura Arandjelovic Laura Arandjelovic

Laura Arandjelovic


Albert Maunga Albert Maunga

Albert Maunga


Stephen Hubbuck Stephen Hubbuck

Stephen Hubbuck

Financial Planner

Nathan Bater Nathan Bater

Nathan Bater

Financial Planner

Peter Everitt Peter Everitt

Peter Everitt

Financial Planner

Stuart Lane Stuart Lane

Stuart Lane

Financial Planner

Charlene Coulbeck Charlene Coulbeck

Charlene Coulbeck

Financial Planner

Daniel Lowdon Daniel Lowdon

Daniel Lowdon

Financial Planner

Jackie Mico Jackie Mico

Jackie Mico

Client Relationship Coordinator

Sarah Harvey Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey

Client Relationship Coordinator

Michele Davies Michele Davies

Michele Davies

Client Relationship Coordinator

Lyndon Griffiths Lyndon Griffiths

Lyndon Griffiths

Client Relationship Coordinator

Lynn Jones Lynn Jones

Lynn Jones

Client Relationship Coordinator